Alpha Co.,Ltd is specialized in wooden indoor furniture, including bed room set, dining set, wooden sofa, and other wooden indoor furniture. 


Our product’s quality is currently serving for middle- and high-quality markets.

Regarding our products, quality must be evaluated based on three standards:

        - Structure: is strong and solid to reach the highest durability and longest life-cycle as well as guaranteeing for user’s safety.      

        - Finishing surface: is perfect and match with customer’s requirements.  

        - Safety for user: Alpha commits to not using harmful materials that create dangerous to furniture users as well as affecting to the prestige of our customers and business partners.

        With the declaration: “The commitment to Quality”, we always change and develop our production & quality-control system to bring continuous developed value to our customers.


Input wood materials are selected carefully, from wood certificate to its quality. We have many years of experience working with different types of wood such as Walnut, Oak, Ash, Beech, Rubber wood, MDF (E0), Plywood, etc.

Our imported wood such as Walnut, Oak, Ash, etc have FSC certification.

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